This March update is brought to you by Nita Hanson, founder of God’s Hidden Treasures, who has been working closely with HelpingUkraine.

“Valentina, Vadim, and I had a very quick but safe journey to Mickolayvi where we helped five more clinics with medical equipment they desperately needed. One clinic we saw had been completely destroyed but has now been partially rebuilt. We heard a lot of stories about the occupation by the Russians (from April through November of last year) — all of which were terribly sad. One clinic had been stripped of everything — even the floor! It is truly hard to comprehend such greed and cruelty.

They were so very grateful for all the equipment! Thanks to the blood analyzer machine, urine analyzer, and several more machines we brought, they are now able to do the tests at the clinics instead of having them send them to another city. They had begged us for some chairs as most of theirs were destroyed or taken and the government would not help them with those. The day we came to the main clinic, it was so crowded that you could hardly get through. We saw firsthand how much those benches and chairs were needed.

There was such a contrast between what we saw in the Kherson Region and the Mickolayiv Region. Kherson Region is getting bombed much more than Mickolayiv Region, but in Kherson, we saw more hope and light (spiritually) Everywhere we went in Mickolayiv there was so much sadness and heavy spiritual darkness about it. All three of us came away a little bit depressed by it. But we are thankful we could be a blessing.

Our Chaplains continue to go to the most dangerous sites to take food, medicine, and generators to those in such great need. The stories we hear and videos they send are both sad and frightening. While at two different places in the Bakhmut area, you could see and hear the bombing as they quickly got into their vans and drove off. In another city, they entered bombed-out buildings, helping the people. I admire them so much and feel very privileged to be a part of their work during these terrible times.”