Crazy Day

We had a crazy day yesterday! It began with us in the village of Mykolaiv, unloading thirty stoves and many blankets – all in 20-degree weather plus a breeze. After working hard all day, we went to a church where they make bread and discussed the rest of the night. We were planning to sleep on the floor, but someone kindly offered us a room with access to a kitchen. Because we now had the opportunity to use a kitchen, Mark and Valerie wanted to make hot food. Omelets are easy, filling, and definitely hot, so off we went to the store. However, once we picked out our eggs and fixings, we discovered at checkout that they do not take credit cards. As we started to pool our Ukrainian money, the lights went out. Disappointed, we went back to the apartment and ate pickled tomatoes, onions, bread, and mystery meat. The lights went out there too. The apartment building had backed up sewage. Either you remember the people who have to live here and why you are here, or the negativity will catch up to you and you’ll quit. Thanks for listening.