The Mission


As a longtime Rotarian and Atlanta businessman, I was moved to service after seeing images, media coverage and hearing stories of the needs of the Ukrainian people. I couldn’t keep writing checks – I needed to do more.

Through my connections, I was able to help elevate an effort that had begun with local Rotary clubs to send surgical and medical supplies, food and other goods. In June 2022, I traveled to Ukraine to hand-deliver desperately needed surgical drills to hospitals in need. Upon my return, I was moved to do more and launched

Our mission is to help the incredible people of Ukraine. Witnessing the cost of war from the frontlines – in both treasure and lives – I am forever changed. I was truly unable to imagine the enormity of the need until I found myself walking through the wreckage of centuries-old communities, leveled to rubble from the war. The pain on the faces of the dispossessed, the desperate cries of children calling out for the return of a parent who will never find their way home – those are the memories I will never escape. 

In a world captivated by 60-second TikToks and Breaking News banners, we too often distract ourselves with the noise of the day rather than the cause of the century. My friend and fellow Rotarian, Chris Brand of Friends of Disabled Adults and Children, recruited me into this effort and now I would like to recruit you. The need for additional support is ongoing and as urgent as ever. 

Help us. Help them. 



Ken Ward, a Rome, Georgia resident who first visited Ukraine in 1994, has joined forces with Helping Ukraine US to hand-deliver critical supplies and hope throughout the war-torn region of Ukraine.

Ken left for Ukraine after the new year and has been one of only a handful of humanitarian missions on the ground in Ukraine. He and his small team are visiting villages and towns, including those directly on the frontlines, delivering much-needed blankets, stoves and generators to the people of Ukraine who continue to endure a prolonged war in harsh winter conditions. In many regions, Ukrainians have limited or no electricity, unimaginable living conditions, and a constant threat of destruction.

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Will you join the fight?

Through our humanitarian network, we will get to those most in need. Philosopher and outspoken advocate for the Ukrainian resistance, Colonel West, notes “justice is what love looks like in public,” and I see no means of international justice more fitting than with our support.