The Mission


As you may know, I recently returned from Ukraine. Witnessing from the frontlines the cost of war – in both treasure and lives – I am forever changed and moved to do more.

You might have read my initial thoughts in my Atlanta Journal-Constitution op-ed, but I was truly unable to imagine the enormity of the need until I found myself walking through the wreckage of centuries-old communities, now leveled to rubble. The pain on the faces of the dispossessed, the desperate cries of children calling out for the return of a parent who will never find their way home – those are the memories I will never escape. And perhaps I shouldn’t.

In a world captivated by sixty-second TikToks and Breaking News banners, we all too often distract ourselves with the noise of the day rather than the cause of the century.

My friend and fellow Rotarian, Chris Brand of Friends of Disabled Adults and Children, recruited me into this effort and now I would like to recruit you.

The need for additional support is ongoing and as urgent as ever. There remains a dire need for assistance by those who are unable to join the fight or unable to escape, and I commit myself to do more.

I am crowdsourcing a two-million-dollar effort to send additional resources to the people of Ukraine.

Will you join the fight?

Through our humanitarian network, we will get to those most in need that which is needed most. Philosopher and outspoken advocate for the Ukrainian resistance, Cornel West, notes “justice is what love looks like in public,” and I see no means of international justice more fitting than with our support.