Dear Friends,

On behalf of, we express our deepest gratitude for your generous support and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of Ukrainian children and displaced individuals.

Your contributions have allowed us to initiate and sustain critical projects to provide much-needed assistance to those affected by the ongoing conflict.

Deliveries Over the Past Year and a Half:

    • 4000 blankets
    • 400 wood-burning stoves
    • 80 generators to 50 villages
    • Two ambulances
    • Two vehicles to transport wounded people from war-zone territories
    • $3 million worth of ProgenaCare Wound Care products
    • $1 million in medical supplies and equipment
    • 4.5 tons of potatoes
    • 8000 seed packets that grow 17 vegetables
    • 1000 chickens to 100 families in small villages
    • Sent 135 children to summer camp in the mountains
    • Support Day care schools with bomb shelter for 110 children in liberated territory
    • Provided funds for free ultrasounds and lab tests for women in internally displaced families
    • Issued drinking water for Kharkiv region liberated areas
    • A vehicle for the Social Protection Center in Izium (Kharkiv region, de-occupied after Russia) and a farming assistance vehicle to Kherson for liberated territories
    • Provided medical supplies for three hospitals in Ukraine
    • Issued field blood transfusion kits for people near the front lines

Continuing Our Mission:

None of this would have been possible without your compassionate contributions. However, our work is far from over, and we wish to share our upcoming projects with you in the hopes of garnering additional support.


Upcoming Projects:


  1. Water for Tsyrkunivska Territorial Community: (Budget: $9,140) for 4500 people


    With over 50 fatalities and more than 60 injuries, along with the displacement of approximately 9,000 residents, the community suffered extensive infrastructure damage due to shelling and airstrikes. Despite the resilience of over 4,500 returning residents, access to clean drinking water remains a pressing concern. Due to severe infrastructure damage and water contamination caused by shelling and airstrikes, a community of over 4,500 returning residents in Tsyrkuni is facing an urgent need for clean drinking water. Despite efforts to restore normalcy, many residents still lack access to safe water. To address this pressing issue, we urgently require assistance acquiring and installing a water filtration station. Your support in providing clean drinking water for our community would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Help for Light: (Budget: $4,500) for 750 people


    The “Help for Light” project aims to aid a community in the Kharkiv region affected by Russian military aggression. The village of Tsyrkuny suffered extensive damage, leaving residents without electricity. The “Novij Sad” housing cooperative seeks assistance to purchase a new transformer station following the destruction of the old one. The required 100 kVa transformer station costs 4050 USD. The community will cover the expenses of connection, delivery, installation, and old transformer dismantling.


  3. Supporting Displaced and Special Needs Children in Krasnokutsk: (Budget: $1,500) for 200 people


    This project helps internally displaced children and those with special needs in Krasnokutsk, Kharkiv region.
    164 children live here, 73 of whom have developmental differences. 22 foster families now care for them. Many sought refuge here for safety due to the war. Though they have basic necessities, they need emotional support. Our aim is to bring happiness to these children by spreading love, joy, and warmth.


  4. Psychological Support for Victims of Russian Aggression in Ukraine: (Budget: $10,000) for 500 people


    The ongoing conflict with Russia has deeply impacted the mental well-being of individuals in Ukraine. This project aims to provide vital psychological support to those affected, including children and families from conflict zones, orphans, and victims of violence by Russian occupiers. Psychological trauma can severely disrupt normal life and social interactions, highlighting the critical need for counseling and therapy. Our objectives include
    Comprehensive rehabilitation to restore stability in family relationships.
    They are offering psychological assistance to 300 individuals monthly.

    With a budget allocation of $10,000, our services will be available in picturesque cities across the Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, and Cherkasy regions.


  5. Summer Sanatorium for Mariupol Families: (Budget: $5,000) for 1800 people


    Particular project: a sanatorium for children with their mothers or grandmothers near Vinnytsia.
    Over the summer months, we’ll have 9 sessions, each lasting 10 days and accommodating 200 participants.
    Half of them will be children, including those from all over Ukraine, significantly displaced families from Mariupol.
    is They’ll have their own dedicated team of Mariupol doctors, psychologists, and entertainers to support them during these camps.


  6. Children’s Camp in the Carpathian Mountains: (Budget: $10,000) for 40 kids


    We are organizing a winter camp for 40 traumatized children with teachers from The Odesa People’s Church. The camp, set in the Carpathian Mountains, will provide these children with a healing and enjoyable eight-day experience.


  7. Daily Development Centers in Kryviy Rih, Davydiv Brid, and Arkhanhelske: (Budget: $5,954 for 110 kids)


    The Daily Centre serves as a lifeline for families in conflict zones, providing children with a safe space for learning amidst the threat of missile strikes.
    Your support allows us to offer education and holistic care, helping children thrive despite the challenges of War.
    The Daily Centre serves as a vital support system for children and families in conflict-affected regions. With the constant threat of missile strikes, traditional schooling has become impractical. , the children now navigate their education online while parents work amid safety concerns. Our partners have set up daytime centers in bomb shelters, offering a safe haven for learning and growth. Here, children receive holistic care, addressing their physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual needs.


  8. Social Bread in Arkhangelske: (Budget: $3,500/month) for 4000 people


    Social Bread initiative aims to bake bread for individuals affected by war.
    Targeting 1000 people weekly.

    Humanitarian Hubs:
    Established two humanitarian hubs for bread baking in Kryvyi Rih and Davydiv Brid.

    Equipment Needs:
    Additional equipment is required for bread baking in Arkhangelske.
    They are providing sustenance and support to war-affected individuals.
    Addressing food insecurity through community-driven efforts.


  9. Clean Water in Davydiv Brid: (Budget: $9,500/month) for 720 people


    Amidst the ongoing conflict with Russia, the community in Davydiv Brid faces an additional challenge of accessing clean water. The infrastructure damage and environmental contamination caused by the conflict have further exacerbated the already dire situation. With traditional water sources compromised, the need for clean water is more urgent than ever. Installing a well and necessary equipment is crucial to address this pressing issue and safeguard the health and well-being of the 721 residents in Davydiv Brid amidst the turmoil of war with Russia.


  10. Summer Camp for Internally Displaced Children: (Budget: $12,800) for 130 people


    Trauma Healing at the Summer Camp for Internally Displaced Children is set to host 130 children for enriching experience focused on healing and growth. Our dedicated team of psychologists will provide trauma healing, emotional support, and behavioral guidance, while also offering assistance to families. Your support in making this project a success is greatly appreciated.


  11. Psychological Support for Children in Ruska Lozova: (Budget: $20,400) for 150 kids


    The village of Ruska Lozova, heavily affected by the conflict, is in the process of recovery. 150 children, aged up to 14, residing in the village require psychological support. Our project focuses on improving their psychological well-being through training, developmental activities, and workshops, addressing the significant aspect of anxiety.


  12. Social Bakery in Derhachi ATC: (Budget: $12,045) for 3300 people


    Mali and Velyki Prokhody, heavily damaged during the conflict, need a “Social Bakery” program. This initiative aims to provide 600 daily essential bread to unite residents, create job opportunities, and aid in the region’s recovery. The local community has offered to provide the premises for the bakery. They need assistance in purchasing equipment for the bakery’s setup.


  13. Evacuation from Temporarily Occupied Territories: (Budget: $26,194) for 92 people


    Your support will contribute to the evacuation of at least 800 individuals from the most vulnerable groups in occupied territories. These individuals face daily threats to their lives and health and seek safety with our assistance.


  14. A Family for Every Orphan: (Budget: $27,000) for 30 kids


    This initiative aims to help Ukrainian orphans and vulnerable children rescued from Russia/Russian-occupied territory. Children and their caregivers are provided room and board for 3-6 months in a Hope and Healing Center, where they can access professionals and critical services.


  15. Safe Day Centers for Vulnerable Children: (Budget: $25,000) for 100 kids


    This project focuses on providing trauma therapy, recreation, and education in Safe Day Centers for vulnerable children. These centers allow parents the time necessary to seek employment and have time during the day to focus on their mental and physical health, building their resiliency and capacity to meet their child’s needs. Each center supports 20-40 children per day, with over 400 children receiving daily support and services. A contribution of $250 per month for 1 child to attend a day center 5 days a week covers all meals, activities, and trauma therapy services.