Current Projects

Dear Friends,

On behalf of, we express our deepest gratitude for your generous support and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of Ukrainian children and displaced individuals.

Your contributions have allowed us to initiate and sustain critical projects to provide much-needed assistance to those affected by the ongoing conflict.

Over the past year and a half, has delivered:

  • 4000 blankets
  • 400 wood-burning stoves
  • 80 generators to 50 villages
  • Two ambulances
  • Two vehicles to transport wounded people from war-zone territories
  • $3 million worth of ProgenaCare Wound Care products
  • $1 million in medical supplies and equipment
  • 4.5 tons of potatoes
  • 8000 seed packets that grow 17 vegetables
  • 1000 chickens to 100 families in small villages
  • Sent 135 children to summer camp in the mountains
  • Support Day care schools with bomb shelter for 110 children in liberated territory

Through funds donated by caring and generous individuals like yourself, none of this would have been possible – we cannot continue saving and improving Ukrainian lives without you.

We want to share with you the projects we aim to support in the future in hopes you will be able to make an additional donation before the end of the year.

  1. Clean Water Project (Budget: $9,000) for 3200 people

Access to clean water is urgent for communities in Lypets, Ruska Lozova, Mali, and Velyki Prokhody. We plan to drill wells and implement water treatment to address this pressing issue, ensuring the well-being of 3,200 residents. After Russia blew up the dam serving the area, the flood washed farms, cemeteries, and chemical storage, which caused water contamination. The issue of drinking water is urgent for this area for 3 300 residents. For these communities, drilling a well with subsequent water treatment is necessary.  Local communities have committed to assist in the station’s setup, including providing a place, power supply, and station maintenance.

  1.  Social Bakery in Derhachi ATC (Budget: $12,045) for 3300 people

Mali and Velyki Prokhody, heavily damaged during the conflict, need a “Social Bakery” program. This initiative aims to provide 600 daily essential bread to unite residents, create job opportunities, and aid in the region’s recovery. The local community has offered to provide the premises for the bakery. They need assistance in purchasing equipment for the bakery’s setup.

  1.  Children’s Camp in Carpathian Mountains (Budget: $20,000) for 70 kids 

We are organizing a winter camp for 70 traumatized children from The Odesa People’s church. The camp, set in the Carpathian Mountains, aims to provide these children with a healing and enjoyable experience over eight days, from January 29, 2024, to February 5, 2024.

  1.  Daily Development Centers in Kryviy Rih, Davydiv Brid, and Arkhanhelske (Budget: $5,954 for 110 kids)

Establishing daycare schools with bomb shelters for children in Kryviy Rih and liberating Davydiv Brid and Arkhanhelske are crucial. Your support will enable us to create safe and nurturing environments for 110 children in these areas.

5. Psychological Support for Children in Ruska Lozova (Budget: $20,400) for 150 kids

The village of Ruska Lozova, heavily affected by the conflict, is in the process of recovery. 150 children, aged up to 14, residing in the village require psychological support. Our project focuses on improving their psychological well-being through training, developmental activities, and workshops, addressing the significant aspect of anxiety.

6. Vehicle for the Social Protection Center in Izium (Budget: $16,000) for 1106 people 

This program will provide care for 590 individuals, including bed-bound patients and those requiring wheelchairs, in the de-occupied region of Izium. Humanitarian assistance, including food, medication, and hygiene products, will be distributed to 386 individuals at their homes.

7. Gas for Humanitarian Aid Delivery (Budget: $1,265/month) for 6200 people  

We have a vital need to deliver humanitarian aid to liberated territories, benefiting around 6,200 people in the Visokopil community, the Kherson region, and more. Kherson, Mykolaiv region, flooded territories, and Donetsk region.

8. Evacuation from Temporarily Occupied Territories (Budget: $26,194) for 92 people  

Your support will contribute to the evacuation of at least 800 individuals from the most vulnerable groups in occupied territories. These individuals face daily threats to their lives and health and seek safety with our assistance.

9. A Family for Every Orphan (Budget: $27,000) for 30 kids

This initiative aims to help Ukrainian orphans and vulnerable children rescued from Russia/Russian-occupied territory. Children and their caregivers are provided room and board for 3-6 months in a Hope and Healing Center, where they can access professionals and critical services.

10. Safe Day Centers for Vulnerable Children (Budget: $25,000) for 100 kids 

This project focuses on providing trauma therapy, recreation, and education in Safe Day Centers for vulnerable children. These centers allow parents the time necessary to seek employment and have time during the day to focus on their mental and physical health, building their resiliency and capacity to meet their child’s needs. Each center supports 20-40 children per day, with over 400 children receiving daily support and services. A contribution of $250 per month for 1 child to attend a day center 5 days a week covers all meals, activities, and trauma therapy services.