“We came to the first village at 8 pm and invited people to come.  Everyone had tea and we had great communication. People were so thankful because we didn’t just come and give them food but we spent time with them. They cried as they could feel that they were important for us. People shared that during the occupation of the neighboring village the Russians shouted in the horn:

‘Give up! You won’t live in slavery.’

“It was like fascists.  In every village I always ask:  Do you read the Bible?  Most of them said that they had not read it before, but now they do, and they try to come to God in prayer.  I was impressed that their hearts don’t have hatred and that they turn to God, and His mercy, and love.”

This update is from Tonya, a social worker with God’s Hidden Treasures who works closely with Nita, from our last Ukraine update.