This update comes from Nita Hanson, who has been working with HelpingUkraine for a while.

“Tomorrow marks the one year “anniversary” of the beginning of the war in Ukraine.  One year ago no could have imagined the horror that would be unleashed on Ukraine, nor could anyone have predicted the unbelievable courage and strength of the Ukrainian people who have stood firm in their belief in freedom.  ‘We will cope” is a constant refrain I hear when the next terrible thing is done to Ukraine.  This small country (when compared to the US or Russia) has fought the giant they are surrounded by on about three quarters of their border.

Everyone here is so very thankful and grateful for the kindness and help that Americans, Europeans and many other countries have given.  Without it, Ukraine would have been swallowed up and conquered by Russia and be no more!  All of you around the world have stood steadfast against tyranny and greed.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Putin has threatened to do something horrible to mark the end of one year.  And I must say that in some ways we are all holding our breath until the day is over.  Please cover us with mighty and fervent prayers that our Almighty Father and Lord will foil whatever plans Putin has for Ukraine.  Together our prayers have mighty power to defeat the enemy!

Our Tonya, Vadim, and a volunteer from one of the churches here have been in the East, feeding, encouraging, inspiring, praying for and loving people from many villages there who, aside from us, are receiving little or no help.  Each time they go, they pass through villages they have been in before and they stop to pass out more help and hugs.  Then they go further toward the East to new villages they have not been to before.  This time they took some toys for the kids also.

A message of encouragement:

The people are so hungry for the Bibles we give them and for a word and message about God’s love for them.  Our Marina has gotten us a grant for free Bibles and other Christian literature for both adults and children.  I’m so proud of her efforts!

When I think of all the help and support that has come to GHT mainly from the US and Norway, I am awed by how extensive our reach has become.  With Vadim and Tonya and 4 other Chaplains going to the danger zones, we have spread, not just the necessities of food and medicines, but the love of Jesus to many hungry hearts across Ukraine thanks to all of you.

Next Tuesday, Vadim will leave early in the morning to drive to Mickolayiv where he will stay in the same “wonderful” bombed out hotel as before.  Then Valentina and I will take the train that night and arrive at the train station at 7 in the morning where Vadim will pick us up.  From there we will drive to 5 villages in that Region to help restore 5 clinics.

Please be praying for us as we venture into harm’s way to do this.  Valentina just talked to Dr. Irene from Kherson where we went to the first 5 clinics.  They are getting bombed pretty hard and one of the doctors there just had her home bombed.

I continue to pray for God to be our covering and for Him to do battle on our behalf.

Blessings, thanks and love to all of you who hold us up by your prayers and support.”

Stay tuned for more pictures from the Chaplain’s trip!