HelpingUkraine volunteer Ken Ward has returned to Ukraine — this time with more than blankets and generators! By the end of April 5, Ken and his team will have delivered 4.5 tons of potatoes and packages of assorted garden seeds, which starts HelpingUkraine’s seed program to bring another way of assisting the people.

“Such happy faces. Over 150 people yesterday at Aleksandrovka Village. About 5 miles of bumpy dirt road to get there with military checkpoints. The village sits on the Dnipro River. I looked every one of them in the eye and acknowledged them. What a privilege and honor to serve these resilient people. Every village we go to, we are wearing armored vests and helmets. Seeing children in the village. WE/ HU——are helping the villages move forward and ENCOURAGEMENT is a powerful medicine for the soul/ mind. Incredible.

Samaritan’s Purse had recently come through with the big tarps to cover houses 🏠/ roofs.”