Traveling to serve others in Ukraine, although moving, is not without its fun times as well. Emory Morsberger writes about when he first landed in Ukraine. Being without power is unfortunate but if you can find some humor in the situation, does it not make it a little better?

“We are here waiting at the border to go into Ukraine. I used one of the blankets last night and it was excellent. Warm! just saw on the news that Odessa power was blasted and 300,000 were without power. The guys in the car laughed and said when we get there, there will be 300,005! I said I guess no shower. I was told yes on the shower but, the water will be 34 degrees.”

Speaking of traveling, once Emory had met up with Ken and the rest of the team, they went around to many different villages to pass out blankets.  These pictures are taken from all over different villages —Novopavlovskoe, Poltavka, Zelenium Gai, Yakovlevka, and Veselii Krut. It has been amazing seeing everyone come together to serve the Ukrainian people.