August 10, 2022

The “Great Rotarian Relay” was a natural outgrowth of a humanitarian effort inspired by Rotarians around the world to help the people of Ukraine.

The growing concern for the people of Ukraine has never been more evident than in recent months since the February 24th bombing. Stimulated by Dr. Olha Paliychuk, Ukraine, her call for medical supplies, became a call heard around the world. Through individuals who reached out to one another from Ukraine to the US. A mission began sending medical supplies, ready to eat food and even cots for shelters bound for Ukraine. Rotarian, Emory Morsberger of Atlanta, Georgia played a personal role by escorting expensive Stryker Drill Sets to hospitals in Ukraine in his own luggage.

Through this effort, The Great Rotarian Relay has grown and has become an example of how individuals trusting one another can make something truly miraculous happen.

With the daily needs growing, continuing the humanitarian mission is now focused on August 24th, Ukrainian Independence Day. This year, the day will be highlighted with compassion and contribution. A 24-hour broadcast will tell the story of the issues at hand in Ukraine today which can be seen by going to helpingukraine.us and clicking on “One Day for Ukraine”. The continuing need for disaster relief, food, shelter, and medical supplies will continue and this broadcast will tell the story. “We encourage everyone to take a moment out of their day on August 24th to tune in to helpingukraine.us and experience the storytelling that Rotarians will share about the need, the passion and the ongoing mission to help the 41 million citizens of Ukraine” he continued.

We hear the stories on the evening news. We read it in our newspapers and on social media, but this dedicated presentation will be our story and how we can continue to connect through the Great Rotarian Relay. Tune in.