Alpharetta, GA – February 21, 2023 – Art Exhibition and Auction to Help Ukraine

March 4, 2023
31 Church Street, Alpharetta, GA
3 -7 pm

Organized by
Tirone & Weaver Team
Ansley Real Estate
Art Territory Ukraine

Ukraine is a country of striking natural beauty and of truly beautiful people. Today, when Ukraine is devastated by war, its once beautiful landscapes are maimed by the bombs and the rockets, but the beauty of its people is heightened by their inner strength, their continuous support of one another, their never-ending willingness to resist, and their ability to see beauty even in the darkest hour.

Together with their countrymen, Ukrainian artists chose to overcome the horrors of combat by creating canvases that depict beauty rather than dread. This is their “Art of war”, their path of resistance – the artworks that celebrate life in a time of terrible peril.

This exhibition features 30+ works by contemporary Ukrainian artists and creatives who continue to fight back by choosing life and beauty and showing us wonderous images of the world that could be, and not the one disfigured by the war.

The world needs love, now more than ever. The world needs beauty and the world needs Ukrainian art.

Our main mission is to popularize Ukrainian art around the world, promote Ukrainian culture, and raise funds to support Ukrainian refugees and the Ukrainian army.

Featured artists:

Tata Kolesnik, Polina Kuznetsova, Konstyntyn Lyzogub, Anna Bondar, Kateryna Ivonina, Oleg Kalashnikov, Anna Moskalets, Artem Volokitin, Tetyana Malinovska, Natialya Karpinska.

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