Atlanta area businessman Emory Morsberger calls helping Ukrainian refugees the “cause of the century”. It started with a two-week trip Morsberger took with Rotarians to Ukraine over the Summer to deliver supplies to refugees in the war-torn country. “While I was there with the air raid sirens going off, I said I’ve got to do more,” Morsberger said. That is when Morsberger launched helpingukraine.us.

The non-profit has already shipped over $500,000 worth of equipment and supplies to 14 major hospitals throughout Ukraine. “We have delivered battery-operated Stryker Surgical Drills which have allowed surgeons across Ukraine to re-attach limbs that would have otherwise been amputated, even with faltering electricity,” Morsberger said. He continued, “newborn incubators with battery-backups have given medical personnel the ability to transfer babies from maternity ward space into bomb shelters located in hospital basements each time air raid sirens sound, dramatically reducing the risk of injury or death.”

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