Nine months ago, Russia’s unprompted attack on Ukraine shocked the world. It was another historical event unfolding before our horrified eyes that compelled me to find a way to help.

Fast-forward to today, I can proudly say I have had the honor and privilege of supporting the Ukrainian people as they fight for their freedom. In June, I went to Ukraine to deliver medical supplies and met hundreds of organized and committed volunteers who continue to serve in Ukraine and Romania. My platform, Helping Ukraine, has supplied hospitals in Ukraine with crucially needed medical equipment. We have shipped over $500,000 worth of medical equipment and supplies to 14 major hospitals throughout Ukraine, including three at the current front. We have delivered battery-operated Stryker Surgical Drills, which enable surgeons to re-attach limbs that would have otherwise been amputated. Incubators for newborn babies, with battery-pack backups gave medical personnel the ability to transfer babies from regular hospital space into bomb shelters. Each time air raid sirens sound and the power goes out, we have dramatically reduced the risk of injury or death.

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